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Hydroxycut Hardcore

Hydroxycut Hardcore X!

Team MuscleTech™ researchers are committed to developing advanced supplements formulated with key ingredients backed by third-party studies, and Hydroxycut Hardcore™ X is their latest innovation. The result of their uncompromising effort is a formula with a key driver shown to initiate white-hot thermogenesis and dramatically increase one of your body’s most important fat-breakdown hormones.

Hydroxycut Hardcore X is the latest formula from America's #1 selling Hardcore Thermogenic Brand!

Increase in Key Fat-Breakdown Hormone

After reviewing a third-party ingredient study published in the journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Team MuscleTech researchers focused on a key ingredient that was shown to dramatically increase norepinephrine, one of the body’s most critical fat-breakdown hormones. In this study, blood plasma samples were taken every 30 minutes for a three-hour period. While variability occurred, subjects using the key driver in Hydroxycut Hardcore X demonstrated a maximum increase in norepinephrine levels of 92 percent compared to baseline at one time point.